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The Good

The website is probably the most known website. They have the money to get their name around, and they also have a supplement line. They have professional writes who have researched anabolic steroids a great deal, but have not include many writings from these authors.

The Bad

With all the money and experienced writers working for, I would have expected more in-depth articles and steroid profiles. They have a few well writen articles, but not much more than that.

Steroid Suppliers List has a long list of suppliers. They have overseas sources, and US prescription drugs sources, but you need a prescription to get anabolic steroids from them. They have numerous email addresses of sources, websites, and phone numbers. However, there is no description on any of the sources, many of them don't list what country they are from, and no one wants to phone the ones which have phone numbers.

Message Board

The message board has a plain, boring layout. I didn't visit long, but I figured with the money they have, they must have good members working the boards with extensive knowledge. One feature I thought really enjoyed, was how they split the message board up. They have two section, Beginners and Advanced. This keeps repeated basic questions to a minimum on the advanced board, and makes it easier for new members to find answers in the Beginners section. Moderators of a message board have always been known to be the leaders, veterans, most knowledgeable, etc., but there are only two moderators for the anabolic discussion board. They need more moderators; there is a lot of garbage that is filling the boards which needs to be deleted, even on the Advanced side.

Steroid Profiles

The steroid profiles list is the largest amoung all of the pay sites. They cover steroids, drugs, and diuretics. However, I expected more in depth, new information on each drug/steroid, since these guys are the creators of Anabolics 2000/2002.

Steroid Pictures

There were is only one picture for each steroid/drug profile, and some profiles didn't even include a picture. With all the technology and products available, these steroid sites should have money to scan or collect pictures from the various sources.

Informational Articles

The informational articles at has it's postive sides, and it's negatives. First the negative. Many of the articles can be found elsewhere on the internet. The article section was lacking nutrition articles, and articles for the advanced athletes. Now the positive. does have some well written, very informative articles. They have experienced writers who have put together pages of useful information, which could not be improved.

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