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Anabolics International

The Good I have to admit, this site's member's section was a lot better than expected. The sign up process is rather poor, it makes you question yourself, if you really want to become a member or not. Once you are inside, there are numerous pages of information. There are great informational articles, covering anabolic steroids, training and nutrition.
The Bad The main reason why people are signing up for steroid websites are the legit steroid suppliers, which is one area where Anabolics International lacks. They do have suppliers listed, overseas, and a couple domestic, but they do not list any information on the sources. The source listed couple be from 2 years ago, they could be scamming people, no one has any idea. I believe some type of description, and/or a ratings section is very important for these websites. Because AnabolicsInternational is less known then other sites, the message board does not have many members... but from what I witnessed, all questions are answered, and there are no "zero reply" threads. When signing up, there are many pages that don't work, and redirect you to the wrong location, they really need to work on this part.
Steroid Suppliers List As mentioned above, there are several sources listed, but there is no feedback on any of the sources. Feedback is very important and is a must for these types of sites. There are numerous steroid suppliers, but who nobody knows when it was last updated, or if the sources are even legit.
Message Board The message board does not have a great number of members, but that does not stop them from answering all questions that are answered. Of course, more members, equals more help and opinions, but they do a great job of helping members with their questions.
Steroid Profiles AnabolicsInternational has a well put together drug profile section, they have drug profiles listed under different sections, which makes it easy to understand and navigate. They list average price, and rate each drug they list.
Steroid Pictures Anabolics International has also put their time in on collecting steroid pictures. I would estimate they have approx. 200 steroid pictures, which is great compared to some of the other sites we listed. All pictures are full sized and colored.
Informational Articles With Dave Palumbo working at Anabolics International, they have created a great article database covering all areas of anabolic steroids, training, and nutrition. Some of the articles are short, but their long list of articles will give you information on all subjects.

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